Local Services

Bendigo Health – Continence Clinic

Bendigo Health
100 Barnard Street, Bendigo
Phone:  03 5454 8078

Additional information from Continence Foundation of Australia


Catholic Care Sandhurst (CCS)

CatholicCare Sandhurst (CCS) is a not-for-profit organisation, providing counselling services, school chaplaincy services and programs to individuals, couples, families and groups across the Victorian Loddon Mallee and Goulburn Murray regions. We are the official welfare agency of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Sandhurst.

At CCS we deliver high quality family and relationship services that are available for all people. We acknowledge that people come to us with a wide range of faiths, cultures and personal beliefs. Hopefully everyone feels welcomed.

CCS run regular workshops for families click here to see their latest program.


Department of Health and Human Services

Behavioural Intervention Support Team

The Behaviour Intervention Support Team (BIST) provides services for people who demonstrate challenging behaviour. Challenging behaviour is behaviour that places the person or others at risk, and/or reduces the person’s access to environments, activities or experiences. This can include: aggressive, self-injurious, anti-social or dangerous behaviours.

Contact: Department of Health and Human Services
Disability Client Services
74-78 Queen Street, Bendigo VIC 3550
Phone: 5434 5888



Sibling Support

Bendigo Community Health Services offer a number services and may be able to assist with sibling and family support, education and counselling.

Bendigo Community Health Service     pH: 5430 0500

Carer Support Services Bendigo Health  may also be able to assist with specific requests for assistance – particularly if the request is related to keeping a young carer supported so that they can remain in school.

Bendigo Health – Carer Support Services    pH: 54547719

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Bendigo Autistic Advocacy and Support Service

Advocacy and provision of information, workshops and Professional Development.

BAASS also run workshops and events throughout the year, which have included: a photographic exhibition, sensory resources and equipment ‘show day’, information sessions, holiday craft and film making.

Co-Convenors: Tony Langdon, Susanna Flanagan
125 Wills Street/ Bendigo, Vic 3550