Financial Support

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM)

Autism Spectrum Disorders are not diseases! However, they are eligible for the CDM because an ASD is a Chronic Condition. You need a referral from your GP to receive five services per calendar year for any of the following – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, or psychology.
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Mental Health Care Plan

The Better Access to Mental Health Care plan is an option available for anybody (individuals with an ASD, parents, siblings, carers etc.) who feels that their overall well-being and mental health is affected. You need a referral from your GP or Paediatrician to access up to 12 visits to a psychologist, clinical psychologist, social worker or occupational therapist within a calendar year. You may be able to access:
12 sessions of individual therapy with a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist or Social Worker. An additional six sessions may be available in exceptional circumstances.

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Centrelink Payments

Carer Allowance (child) is a supplementary payment for parents or carers who provide daily care and attention for children with a disability or severe medical condition at home. Carer Allowance (child) may be paid on top of Carer Payment (child) or other payments, such as Age Pension.

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