Resources for Sport and running by Tony Langdon

 I did have a few resources that I mentioned that I would like to share:

AAA Play (I am an ambassador).  This is an information and referral
service for all abilities sporting programs around Victoria. .

Running on the Spectrum.  This is a NZ based charity that operates in
Australia as well.  They help autistic kids to get into running by
distributing running shoes to autistic kids who are interested in
running.  I had hoped to have information for accessing this, but it
didn’t get to me in time.  If you’re interested, please contact me.

Parkrun.  This is not autism specific, but as distance running suits
many autistics, and walking is one of the most accessible exercises of
all, I’ve included it.  Parkrun is a weekly timed 5km run (or walk if
you prefer). It’s non competitive and for people of all levels of
fitness.  Everyone is welcome.  Kids under 11 need to be accompanied by
a parent and remain within reach. 

Currently, there is a Parkrun happening every Saturday morning at 8AM at
Kennington Reservoir, and a second Parkrun looks like starting soon in

Parkrun is also free – both to register and take part.  For more
information, visit:

For those more interested in recreational cycling, there’s a community
ride in Bendigo on the second Sunday of the month, run by Bike Bendigo. 
They also have a lot more other stuff going on.

I also have a sporting Facebook page that may be of interest.  It
contains updates, photos, videos of me in action and information of